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Learning Global Leadership Through Experiential Study

The Global Stewards Institute and its academic partner, UC Riverside created an international experiential study/travel program for post-graduate and adult learners with a focus on global leadership. Both short-term and semester-long programs were offered, which included at-sea course work, in-port field experiences and a service project with local NGOs. GSI also collaborated with various international chapters of the Rotary Club to build relationships with local leaders and organizations to develop service learning and work experiences.

At the core of our experiential Global Leadership Program is a transnational knowledge community led by an experienced international team of faculty, staff and visiting global scholars. GSI has a proven track record in the delivery of multicultural and intergenerational graduate-level education. Each program included participants who are accomplished in their fields and bring a depth of experience to our courses. The courses are built on the global issues identified in the UN’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), GEO 5′s Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) and the Global Compact.


GSI is committed to making a contribution to a peaceful world while embracing diversity, sustainability and social justice through the following project outcomes:

  • Rigorous academics delivered at sea and in ports throughout the world under the auspices of the University of California, Riverside, our academic partner and transcripting institution for credits earned in the program. 

  • Experiential cross-cultural interactions with local leaders from the private and public sector and international multilateral organizations

  • Creative generation of ideas for future projects

  • International collaborative partnerships and work programs

  • Opportunities for students to apply to in Masters’ degree programs at partnering universities and internship programs

  • Participant-led presentations to the group in their areas of expertise including, cross-cultural communications, legal structures and conflict resolution, personal leadership issues and styles

  • Throughout the program we explored concepts that could provide participants with potential career opportunities, internships, joint programs with NGOs, or ideas for future social entrepreneurial ventures.



“Unlike any stationary program I have every taken part in, this course was truly global in nature. I have never experienced anything like it before.” Angelo A.

“Pat Masters is an excellent facilitator of discussions on leadership. Her academic and professional background was particularly valuable in framing the coursework. Also, one could tell that she put a lot of care and effort into the syllabus and the teaching. Very nearly ideal delivery in an ambiguous and changing environment.” Doug B.

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